Bruno Carlos Santos is an author from Sao Paulo, Brazil and the author of EVENINGS IN PASAGARDA and THE RED ROOM AND OTHER TALES as well as short stories in several anthologies. He came into the world in Rio de Janeiro in 1984, and began writing several years ago during the eventful years of his youth, finishing his first book,

EVENINGS IN PASAGARDA tells the story of a young man named Philip, a shy kid lost within the turmoil of his parents’ breakup. He and his domineering mother settle into a small apartment, and Philip deep in his heart wants more than anything to find true love. He meets a few different girls, but it isn’t until he meets Amanda that he knows he has found his dream girl. To live this dream, he must break away from the nightmare that is his mother.

Bruno has also periodically contributed to horror and science fiction anthologies, and some of his stories are compiled in THE RED ROOM AND OTHER TALES, now available at Amazon in English. (Coming soon in Portuguese)

Bruno is now working on a full-length horror novel entitled SOLITUDE CREEK which should be available in late 2017, as well as another anthology, RESTLESS NIGHTS.